Why a run-down office can affect your employees

Employee experience is important in the workplace for ensuring the best possible productivity. Employers should be creating an office environment where workers want to come to work rather than just needing to show up. The physical environment of your business can have a serious impact on how employees work. Get it wrong and you may find yourself dealing with a run-down office and run-down employees.

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Office Organisation Tips To Keep You Motivated

Working in an office can be a challenge in itself. Each office presents its own tests whether it be continuous noise and distractions, lack of creativity, boring and outdated décor, poor temperature control and much more. The key is working out how to improve what you have to work with by turning the negatives into a positive or providing yourself with your own distractions. We have found that by turning your personal space into something you can take charge of, getting through the working day is far easier and much more enjoyable. Below we have put together a number of handy tips that will help organise your desk space and in turn tidy your mind. read more »

How to Win At Office Politics

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Office politics are present in every workforce and is unfortunately something that you can’t escape. When we refer to office politics we simply mean the differences between people including differences in opinion and conflicts of interest. It is only natural for us to disagree with other people however in the workplace it is best to keep our conflicts at bay. Just how do we deal with such situations then? read more »

Are You Struggling To Find Office Privacy?

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Are you working in an office where you struggle to get the privacy you need for everyday jobs? Perhaps holding confidential meetings is problematic with a chance that members of the office will overhear what going on. If this is the case then I think you will agree that something needs to be done in order to fix the issues at hand. Privacy is after all an essential part of any office building and without it you could find yourself in some sticky situations. read more »

What’s The Value of Using Office Partitions?

What you need to understand about working in an office is that the environment can change day to day and even hour to hour. One minute you may be working in complete silence and the next you could be working in absolute chaos. Whether it’s a small office, individual offices or a large open office the mechanics are the same and the effects quite similar. As you’ll be aware the environment in which you need to work changes depending on the type of work you are completing. Sometimes silence is key to getting your work done quickly and efficiently as it gives you the head space you need to concentrate. Other tasks however may require you to hold discussions with colleagues whether this be those on your team or with everyone in the building. read more »

10 Things That Annoy People Working In the Office

Working in an office can be difficult enough without having to deal with the annoying habits of others and surrounding office issues. You already have a heavy workload to get through this month and you don’t need anything getting in the way or interrupting your train of thought.  Unfortunately, though you can never escape everything that annoys you. Find out if our top 10 annoyances in the office make your list. read more »

Should Your Office Be Fun?

The question as to whether or not the working environment should cater to both work and play is something that has inundated companies for years. When it comes down to it though the decision as to whether or not the two should be connected lies solely with the business owner. There are some companies that would prefer their employees to come to work, do their 8 hours and leave having fun for outside of the office. There are however those who believe that incorporating the two is important for maintaining a healthy working environment where workers feel motivated and relaxed. read more »

Lie Back and… Type! Have Engineers Invested in and Created the Future Office Chair?

If one were to revisit an Office environment during the 1970s, it would most likely be occupied with hard wearing teak/ or metallic cabinet desks and pronged wooden chair frames with a faux leather cushion (Figure 1). Not exactly the most comfortable nor beneficial towards spinal curvature for long periods of time each day. read more »

Why the Office Chair Is Of Importance

Working in an office might seem like the ideal job, sat at a desk and protected from the cold however it can have adverse effects on your overall health. It is the back that is most likely to suffer from sitting down too long as strain and pressure is inflicted on the spine. read more »

Transforming Your Office at Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and the time for getting festive is here now. There’s no escaping Christmas lights, carol singers and Christmas trees so everyone may as well get on board and enjoy some Christmas cheer while you can. Christmas in the workplace is a great way to get people in the mood and even increases office morale and productivity.  By simply jazzing up the dreary office walls in your building you can make employees feel happier and more at ease. read more »