Raised Access Floors

Raised access flooring is one of the easiest and most convenient flooring options to have fitted in your office.

As the name suggests raised flooring is a floor that is raised slightly above the original using a metal framework. Adjustable height settings enable you to alter how much space you have below the flooring and removable tiles make it easy for you to get beneath it.

Different business choose to use the space under their flooring for various reasons however its most popular use is for running electronics such as power cables, phone cables and network cables around the office. This keeps them out of sight preventing them from becoming damaged but more importantly preventing anybody from tripping over them.

It can however also be used for storage which many people to choose to do. We have had requests in the past asking for below floor storage units but we often respond with this as the best option available.

As well as the obvious reasons for raised access flooring it is also very good at controlling the temperature within your building. The space beneath the floor is able to circulate hot or cool air around it which provides a form of insulation to keep the room at a desirable temperature.

It isn’t limited to heat insulation though. Raised access flooring is also a great option if you’re hoping to improve your acoustic insulation, as the space beneath the floor offers plenty of room to produce a sound reduction impact.

Raised access flooring gives you much more flexibility in the office as cables, wiring and storage no longer need to obstruct floor space. This makes it far easier to rearrange furniture and appliances as you needn’t worry about tripping over or running into something. As a result the office becomes a much safer and open environment to enjoy.

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