Wall Coverings

One of the most common problems with offices is that they look very plain and simple; a little decoration or colour on the walls can make all the difference to your office space.

The use of colours can make a room feel brighter and livelier. Although only a small change it can have a large impact on the behaviour of those working there; making them feel more productive, alert and motivated within their role.

When thinking about changing the way your walls look there are a number of things to consider. Professionalism will be at the top of our list, particularly if you often have visitors and clients coming into your office. Remember first impressions count and if your office looks childish, is too bright or to in your face it can make people think the same about those that work there.

Thankfully there are a huge number of fantastic wall coverings to choose from that will greatly enhance the look and feel of the office. It is best to choose lighter colours, or colours that match the colours of your brand. Avoid anything that is too bold and avoid using to many different colours as they can be overwhelming and distracting.

Conference rooms, executive offices and reception areas can often benefit from a bit more colour or design than the main office. Given that these are areas where guests, customers and important business associates will spend most of their time, expressing the business or sprucing up the space can help to grab their attention.

Using your brand colours is often a good idea as it not only shoes that you re a professional company but helps to push your corporate identity. A few framed images, canvases or framed news articles about your business can also have a positive impact on those visiting.

Darker, more decorative and provocative colours and images can be used in staff areas for breaking. They often act as a mood setter so that staff wind down and relax for a while before getting back to work.

At Modular we work very closely with Tektura, a leading supplier of wall coverings. Their selection includes over five-hundred coverings in varying materials, styles, colours and designs so that you can find something that suits both you and your business.

It is proven that a comfortable and well organised environment can create a more productive and positive working environment. That is why at Modular we work hard to meet the needs of the customer, attending to their every need and making sure that we have suitable solutions for both the office and home setting.

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