Suspended Ceilings

There is no reason why you shouldn’t consider installing a suspended ceiling in your office. The benefits are plentiful and the costs are low.

Suspended ceilings offer you the chance to hide ducts, wiring, plumbing and other mechanical systems from view, whilst remaining easily accessible should you need to have any repairs or alterations made. Whilst serving as a barrier against unsightly components in the roof space they also serve as a decorative addition to any room with many styles and variations now available.

As well as being able to hide unsightly areas of your office the suspended ceiling can also help to insulate it. Acting as an extra barrier between your roof space and floor, the ceiling will help to keep heat in during the winter months and keep heat out during the summer months. Moisture, mould, mildew and sagging are no longer an issue including in rooms with a high humidity, and noise shouldn’t be much of a problem either with their ability to absorb sound.

Suspended ceilings are extremely easy to install and won’t take much time from your working day. This means that the office won’t be disturbed for long and as the work is fairly noise free staff should be able to work through it with ease.

The above aren’t the only reasons as to why you should consider this type of ceiling though. Above all else the suspended ceiling is actually a safer option for your office as the panels used are fire retardant and meet industry standards for flame spread ratings. This means in the unfortunate case of a fire that your building would be better protected in order to give you time to get everyone outside safely.

When it comes to suspended ceilings you can rest assured that Modular Systems know exactly what they are doing. With over 18 years’ experience in the industry we have gained a fantastic knowledge and understanding of suspended ceilings, access panels, fire barriers, ceiling tiles and acoustic insulation, whilst maintaining strong relationships with leading suspended ceiling manufacturers.

If you are interested in what suspended ceilings could do for you or you would simply like to learn more about them, please feel free to contact us.

It is proven that a comfortable and well organised environment can create a more productive and positive working environment. That is why at Modular we work hard to meet the needs of the customer, attending to their every need and making sure that we have suitable solutions for both the office and home setting.

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