Floor Coverings

The flooring in your office is something you might not have put that much time and thought into. It is however an important part of the office environment.

If you haven’t given much thought about the flooring in your office it is possibly time that you did. There are a number of benefits different types of flooring can have on your office and looking into them isn’t such a bad idea. With so many options to choose from you can drastically improve the appearance and the temperature of the workplace boosting productivity and office morale.

The first thing to consider is the type of flooring you would like. There are various options available including carpet, vinyl and laminate each with their own set of benefits. The material you decide to go for will depend entirely on the nature of the business to ensure that you have flooring that is practical and complementary to the company. As well as the material of the flooring there are also a vast number of designs, colours and finishes to choose from, all of which are just as important for getting it right.

One of our more popular choices is Laminate flooring due to its stylish and soundproof qualities. It is also easy to clean and maintain meaning it won’t get dirty or look worn quickly. It is one of the more costly options but its qualities and range of designs often make it a favourite in boardrooms. Also beneficial for multi-storey buildings where there is lots of activity as they are able to absorb the sound.

Carpets are also a popular option within the office environment as they too come in a large range of colours and designs. Soft on the feet and capable of maintaining heat in a room the carpet is a suitable choice for most businesses. It is more difficult to look after than laminate as it can stain easily and can become worn from people walking on it. If however you do work in an office where there is lots of movement there are carpets available where they are coarser and hard wearing.

Vinyl is the cheapest option available for your flooring and in many cases the most convenient. It comes in a variety of designs and it is extremely easy to keep clean. A popular choice of material for use in bathrooms and kitchens as these are places that are likely to become wet or experience spills. It isn’t however considered for use in boardrooms or executive offices as it doesn’t look as professional as carpet or laminate.

Having the correct flooring in your office ensures that it looks part. It is therefore important to make sure that it is looked after appropriately so that your building looks inviting, clean and professional. For more information on flooring for your office please feel free to contact us.

It is proven that a comfortable and well organised environment can create a more productive and positive working environment. That is why at Modular we work hard to meet the needs of the customer, attending to their every need and making sure that we have suitable solutions for both the office and home setting.

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