Improve Your Home Office on a Budget

It is important that you make sure to make your home working life enjoyable so that you don’t get distracted and start doing other things. Everyone has that image of an office full of expensive designer furniture and then reality creeps in and slaps you across the face, so here are a few things that can help you improve your office cheaply.

It may sound stupid but buying a plant brightens up the office space more than anything else, a bit of greenery can lift the room anyway and make it a much more pleasant place to be. All you have to do is remember to water them in the morning and before you stop work at night.

Get a recycling system in place, even if it is just a different bin for paper etc. this is classed as recycling and it all does the environment good! As well as your office by getting rid of clutter.

Probably the best thing that you can do is to tidy up all of the wires that are dangling about. Yes you can get things like a wireless mouse and keyboard you simply can’t escape the need for power cords. Chances are that you will have quite a few other cables as well and most will be in knots somewhere under your desk. Steps you can take to combat this are:

Bind chords together, they will often run together in massive clumps so get a cable tie or three so that they all become one giant cable instead of various little ones.

Clamp long running wires to walls this may be something like a big long wire running from one room to another or just from one end of a room to the other side. It basically just makes it easier to find what is what and manoeuvre it around if you ever need to.

Also you can get some colour to or a piece of art to make your office look smarter, more professional and to brighten up the look of it.

It is proven that a comfortable and well organised environment can create a more productive and positive working environment. That is why at Modular we work hard to meet the needs of the customer, attending to their every need and making sure that we have suitable solutions for both the office and home setting.

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