Executive Office Furniture – What to Consider Before Purchasing

Executive office furniture does much more for your business office than making it look good. It provides great impressions for visitors and offers efficiency, style and success. There are many forms of executive office furniture available from office chairs to office desks and office storage.

Before making a sizeable investment in executive furniture it is important to make sure that you make the following considerations.

The Material

When choosing office furniture it is important to consider what type of material you want/need. There are a huge range of materials available but the one you go for will depend on how practical you need your furniture to be.

Office desks for example come in a variety of materials that offer different strengths and looks. Some materials available to choose from include glass, solid wood, and chipboard. Those looking for an impressionable table are most likely to go for one made from solid wood. These are a lot more expensive but they look the part and last a long time. This type of table will need to be looked after properly to prevent it from becoming scratched and damaged.

A different material may want to be considered if the table is expected to have a more practical use. This includes eating at it and drawing design ideas. Solid wood will stain and dent easily whereas glass or chipboard with a laminate top will wipe easily.

The same rule applies for the rest of your office furniture including chairs. These need to be comfortable whilst still being able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

Materials to consider are below:


Glass materials are easy to keep clean and look after. As well as this they look good and fit in well in a variety of different settings.

Solid Wood

Solid wood and real wood veneer looks amazing but it is susceptible to damage from knocks and liquid spills. Depending on the type of damage it may need to be refinished by polishing or removing the top layer of wood. Real wood also requires maintenance in the form of regular waxing or polishing.

Modern Synthetic

Modern synthetics come in a range of finishes. The better ones very accurately replicate the look of real wood. They are resilient to damage and can easily be cleaned.

The Style

There are many styles of office furniture available from classic antique to more modern designs using glass and metals. When deciding on a style of furniture for your office you should maintain continuity. This will ensure a running theme and prevent a mismatch of furniture making the space look unusual.


The installation time of office furniture will depend on a number of factors. These include…

  • The material you use
  • The style of furniture
  • The chosen supplier

Bespoke office furniture can take months to make depending on what you have asked for. The process from start to finish will, therefore, take longer as the furniture will need to be custom made. Once made getting it into the building and set up shouldn’t take any longer than normal.


Executive office furniture varies in price. This will depend heavily on the type of furniture you are buying and the quality of it.

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