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Glossary - Modular Systems

Access Floor

Flooring that can easily be lifted to give access to anything beneath

Access Panels

Individual panels for walls, ceilings and floors to provide access to lofts, heating, water, power etc

Acoustic Insulation

Soundproof insulation for walls, floors and ceilings

Ancillary Product

An extra that you buy with another product

Bathroom Floor Coverings

Easy clean, slip resistant coverings for bathroom flooring

Bathroom Wall Coverings

Easy clean, water resistant coverings for bathroom walls

Boardroom Furniture

Professional furniture designed for boardrooms (example: conference table)

Boardroom Tables

Large, professional table ideal for conferences and meetings

Commercial Floor Coverings

Flooring designed for particular commerce including access flooring, vinyl flooring and non-slip flooring

Conference Chairs

Chairs designed for conference use; generally easy to move and store

Decorative Folding Screens

A large portable screen that folds to adjust width; used for separating spaces

Demountable Partitioning

Office partitions designed for easy portability, available in various sizes and styles

Drop Ceiling

Secondary ceiling hung below the main (structural) ceiling; often used to conceal pipes or wiring

Executive Chairs

Chairs designed for executive use, generally comfortable to accommodate prolonged use and stylish / professional to display status

Executive Office Furniture

Professional and stylish furniture designed to show the status of the office owner

Exterior Wall Coverings

Often synthetic brick or stone wall coverings for a natural, stylish appearance to a building

Floor Coverings

Functional and decorative coverings for flooring including carpet, vinyl, lino, wood and more

Floor Coverings (for kitchens)

Functional floor coverings designed for kitchen use, usually easy clean, non-slip surfaces such as lino.

Folding Partitions

Partitioning (like a temporary wall) designed to be folded to one side or across the room to expand or separate the space

Folding Screens

Similar to partitioning though usually more decorative and smaller

Folding Screens (room dividers)

A folding screen, used for separating a smaller space (like an office cubicle)

Garage Floor Coverings

Floor covering designed for use in a garage, such as hard tiles or concrete

Glass Office Partitions

Office partitioning (temporary or portable walls) made from or consisting of glass, usually to look modern

Glass Partition Walls

Non portable office partitioning made from or consisting of glass

Glazed Demountable Partitions

Portable office partitioning made from or consisting of glazed glass

Glazed Partitions

Office partitioning (temporary or portable walls) made from or consisting of glazed glass, usually to look modern

Home Office Furniture

Furniture designed for a home office, generally smaller, easier and more practical than decorative

Home Office Storage

Office storage designed for home use, such as small filing cabinets or space efficient cupboards

Industrial Floor Coverings

Floor coverings designed more industrial use, such as concrete factory flooring

Industrial Mezzanine Floors

A second floor constructed within a building, usually raised on beams a little like scaffolding and generally overhanging the original flooring (not quite a complete second floor, usually only built for what space is needed)

Kitchen Wall Coverings

Coverings for a kitchen wall, generally easy to clean and water resistant

Mezzanine Floor

A second level constructed partially within a building giving the appearance that it hovers above the original floor; usually only partially covering the original floor

Mezzanine Floor Design

The way the mezzanine floor is supposed to look when constructed, usually interpreted visually

Natural Floor Coverings

Coving for the floor that has been created from or intended to look like natural materials such as real wood

Oak Office Furniture

Furniture designed for office use constructed from oak for durability and visual appeal

Office Furniture Supplier

A supplier of furniture that has been designed for office use

Office Partition Screens

Temporary, portable partitioning designed for use in an office environment

Office Partitioning Walls

Long term, non-portable partitioning designed for use in an office environment

Office Partitioning

Temporary, sometimes portable boards or screens that resemble a wall used to separate office space, sometimes used to create cubicle like spaces

Office Partitioning Systems

The system by which an organisation uses partitioning, different systems are deemed effective for different organisations and environments

Office Refit

The process of having an office refitted for furniture, partitioning or electronics, often associated as part of office refurbishment

Office Refurbishment

The process of having an office space redesigned; usually involving new furniture and decoration, the layout of the office could be changed dramatically and in some cases extensions can be added

Office Refurbishment Company

A company that refurbish offices as a service

Office Space Planning

Planning the use of office space; how office space will be used and what layout provides the most effective use of office space

Office Storage

Area where office members store supplies and resources

Office Storage Boxes

Boxes of varying sizes and qualities used for office storage

Office Storage Cabinets

Cabinets to provide larger and more secure options for office storage

Ornamental Screens

Screen that provides a more decorative than functional use

Paper Storage Boxes

Box for storing paper and paper based records, generally water resistant in order to protect the more vulnerable and important records from damage

Raised Access Floor

Access flooring that has been raised to provide more space beneath for wires, pipes etc.

Raised Flooring

Floor lifted from two inches to four feet from surface floor (often concrete slab) to hide wires and pipes underneath or provide storage space

Retail Space Design

The design of a space that operates retail (shopping) services; designing location of products, tills and effective ways of directing customers

Retail Space Planning

Planning the way retail space will be more effective; location of products and advertisements etc.

Second Hand Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors that have been owned previously

Second Hand Office Furniture

Office furniture that has been owned previously

Solid Partitions

Partitioning that is solid, a more long term and defining separator of space

Space Planning

Planning and understanding the effective use of space; when things will be, where people will walk, where things will be stored etc.

Steel Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets constructed from steel; more secure, long term and protective

Storage Wall Partitions

Long term partitioning with storage space, something between a wall, partition and bookcase

Suspended Ceiling

Ceiling suspended to provide space for ventilation and other services above with easy access

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Tiles used to construct a suspended ceiling; each tile is suspended individually and about the size of a large floor tile

Textured Wall Coverings

A covering for walls that is textured, generally for decorative purposes

Used Office Furniture

Furniture designed for office use that has been previously owned, used and resold; not always in best condition

Wall Coverings

Covering for walls in various materials and styles to fit individual purpose of a room


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