The Best Flooring Options for Your Office

If you are the owner of an office block or even just your own single personal space then you will know that when it looks good that you feel more productive in your working environment.

You may have the best furniture that money can buy plus nice vibrant colours on the walls but if it is brought down by your office flooring then you should replace it because it will affect how someone views you and your office in terms of design and space usage.

Take the more traditional look, places like government offices have timber flooring. This is a growing trend that is catching up again with branded wood flooring widely available in different shades on sizes to suit your lifestyle and décor. The most popular ones are solid wood, laminated wood and bamboo. Some of the pros are that hardwood flooring adds warmth and comfort to your workspace and can easily change finishes, the cons are very few if it gets wet it is prone to warping also it is very expensive compared to other types of flooring.

Another kind of flooring is laminated, the laminate planks are available in wood, stone and tile styles. You can choose from a wide range of styles and you can also even laminate your existing flooring for better maintenance. Some of the pros is that it is easy to install and maintain plus it is highly durable and less expensive than other flooring options and it is resistant to fading and stains. The cons are that it cannot be refurbished it has to be replaced and is also highly susceptible to water damage.

Stone is a great addition to your workspace because it adds a professional and sophisticated look, they are among the best kinds of flooring as they actually increase the property’s value overtime. Some of the pros, the strength makes it incredibly durable and it is resistant to moisture. The cons, gets cold and can be slippery, expensive plus it is quite difficult to install and need maintenance.

Finally we come to tiles, these can often give an elegant look to all interiors and come in a great range of colours, designs and styles. Pros are that the tiles are the best options for high traffic areas like corridors and are low maintenance and easy to install. Cons are that they are fragile and can crack or chip plus they can be cold, slippery and noisy from time to time.

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