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It can be difficult trying to work with the space you have in your office to create more storage. Large business offices tend to be easier to work with as they can use our modular office storage, but smaller businesses and home offices can often struggle.  It is however possible to make it work with a little imagination and some sacred office accessories. Below are a number of office storage solutions designed to make life easier in the office.

Bill Binder:

Bills aren’t everybody’s favourite part of the day however they do need to be done in a timely and organised fashion. To make sure that your bills are in one place and manageable it is a good idea to invest in a bill binder. Simply buy yourself a 3 ringed folder and place inside of it a 3 ringed pencil bag and some polly pockets. Use the pencil bag for storing pens, pencils, rubbers, cheque books and stamps.  Polly pockets can be used for storing current bills, dealt with bills and envelopes.

Chalkboard Walls:

Are you sick of post it notes, calendars and other bits of paper taking up your desk space? If the answer is yes the wall chalkboard is a must have. With some chalk paint you can transform a whole wall or an entire room of walls into a chalkboard. Use this to draw on a large calendar and jot down messages and notes that you need to remember or pass on.


Pegboards are generally used in garages for hanging tools on but we have another use for it. Secure the pegboard to your wall and use it to hang scissors, rulers, clipboards, staplers, keys and other office stationary from. Great for keeping accessories neat, tidy, visible and accessible.

Desk Tidies:

Desk tidies are a must have for any office.  Essential for keeping pens, pencils, paper clips, pins and other small office stationary neat and tidy.  The desk tidy sits on your desk and holds everything you need to get by in the office.

Cord Organisers:

The cords below your computer desk can be a nightmare to trace if they are not properly organised. Before you know it you will have 10-15 cables all intertwining below your feet and no idea which lead to where.  To prevent this from happening use cable organisers, small strips that can tied around the chord with the name of the appliance it links too.  It’s also a good idea to label the plug for extra certainty.  This way you will find the cable you are looking for in no time at all.

Address Roller Decks:

Address roller decks are great for storing contact details in one place. A flip chart style system that holds all your contacts in alphabetical order on a roll. This make it easy for you to look up and find a contact.  Perfect for sitting on your desk.

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