Office Chair Alternatives

Office furniture is a larger part of a business, the office chair in particular. It has been edited over time to make it more comfortable to sit in, and to help maintain good posture for a healthier lifestyle. It is however still bad for one’s health to remain seated for up to 8 hours a day every day during you’re working life. Even those who work hard to stay active during their spare time are at risk of health problems related to being seated too long. You may then ask yourself, how can I prevent myself from risking my health if my job requires me to sit at a desk? Well there are some alternatives to the everyday office chair that can be considered, each one with its own benefits.

The Buoy:

The Buoy is the seat that’s as  active as you are. Designed to rock and tilt from 5-12 degrees, wobble and swivel, the Buoy allows you to move with ease. The main benefit of using a chair like this is that it prevents your spine from constantly being in a C shape, the posture generally taken when sitting down. This is better for the spine and legs as they as you are constantly changing you’re posture. As well as its tilting motion the Buoy also is height adjustable so that you can sit at your desk comfortably.

Stir Kinectic Desk:

The Stir Kinectic Desk may look like an ordinary desk yet it is probably the most advanced I have ever seen. Designed to make you stand up and adjust your sitting height throughout the day. Featuring a built in touch screen app to make moving while working effortless so that your working pattern isn’t interrupted. With the Stir Kinectic you can programme your desk to how long you want to stand for the day and how long you want to sit. With its ability to sense your presence it is able to share information with you including any calories you have burned due to longer periods of standing.

Treadmill Desk:

The title does not lie. It is indeed a desk with a treadmill to help workaholics squeeze in some exercise into their busy lifestyle.  The desk itself isn’t attached to the treadmill so there is no risk of it shaking about when in use.  It may seem like an extreme method, particularly for work however for some people it is a dream come true.

Technogym Wellness Ball:

Perhaps a more suited way to keep healthy at work is the Technogym Wellness Ball rather than the treadmill desk. The ball is similar to an exercise ball but has a flat bottom and cover to suit an office environment. This chair allows you to move and work muscles in your core so that you are not in a sedentary position all day.

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